Anniversary of Sultan Sartaevich!

Dear Sultan Sartayev!
Today’s beautiful number of your age is the showing of the life’s way that you passed-the history of the professional formation of the largest Kazakh lawyer, scientists, public figure.
Everytime and everywhere following the immutable laws of justice, humanism and firmly defending point of view, you could earn respect and authority in creative, political and scientific circles.
This jubilee is a witness of your merits ,which already today should be called historical and your life and your scientific works, your social achievement -entered into the arch of significant period of Kazakhstan history. What is the life’s feat behind these simple words! Your associates and contemporaries know more about this. You deserve national recognition for your merits.
It’s benefit is much more significant. The most bright and visible are your historical works, the important volumes of your books. This is your everyday hard work, complex reflections, doubts and spiritual breakthroughs. All this in detail should be interesting to historians. And it has already become interesting. And what is particularly pleasing, the history of your life, your ministry of your fatherland are interested by young people and new generation. Published researchеs, events held in educational institutions to your jubilee witness this.
Dear Sultan Sartaev, accept the best wishes in honor of your jubilee from all the members of the pedagogical collective and the staff of the Kostanay Humanitarian College. We wish you success in all your good deeds, good health, unshakable will, new creative achievements, respect and love of your relatives, close people and Kazakh nation. May your future be attended with prosperity and happiness !
Again wishing you many more birthdays.
Sincerely, the director of the college Abdimaulen Bayeshov.

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