Is there meat in the sausage? With this question, we are second-year students of the specialty “Accounting and Auditing” of the Institution “Kostanay College of Humanities” on May 16 came to the open day at Ayan-Ozat LLP – one of the largest enterprises of Kostanay region in the production of sausages, deli meats and convenience foods trademark “from Rozumovich.” We saw not only HOW, but also WHAT equipment made sausages and delicacies, a complete production process from the storage of meat to finished products.
The meeting began with an acquaintance with the head of the production department. She told us how the raw material is processed, where it is stored and how our favorite sausages and sausages are transformed into all of us.
The tour began with the fact that we were given white bathrobes, we passed the disinfection of hands. I would like to note that the workshops were pretty cool. It was important that we not only listened to the words of the guide, but also clearly saw all the processes. In our opinion, it turned out to be much better than we had expected. The plant is equipped with modern expensive equipment. We learned that the factory took care of its workers.
We also met with the chief accountant of the company, asked her a lot of questions that interest us.
At the end of the tour we were offered to try the products, the process of manufacture of which we observed.
We really enjoyed the tour and we are glad that local producers are flourishing and expanding. We wish “Ayan-Ozat” LLP further development and prosperity!!!

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