Miss KGK

KGK reopens the beauty and grace contest “Miss college 2018” dedicated to the celebration of International Women’s Day — March 8.

The competition program was prepared in the original format. The beauty contest was attended by the Director of the college Bayeshov, and the invited guests of the College: the leading professional Arman Bekturganov who was in various projects, the organizer of events of any scale, the member of the group “DaAmigos”, the Art Director of the entertainment complex “TUMAR” Ivan Konyshev. Consultant of Kostanai branch of the Nur Otan Party Tursin Aitore Kairatuly, the leader of the youth wing of Imankhan Ragim, methodist Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, the organizer of the Miss Ethnic Kostanay Daria Shcherbakova.

All students took an active part: sang songs, danced, read poems. The event reached its goal, causing the spring mood in the soul of those present. Miss KGK – 2018 was a student group 1DV-20 Osina Angelica, Vice miss – 2018 Kuanyshbekova Madina group student 2Аі-20.