Report on the practical training in organizations and industries of Kostanay and Kostanay region group 3 “UIA-12″ specialty 0518000 ” Accounting and audit»

On January 30, 2019 in Kostanay Humanitarian College, the event “Round table” on the topic “educational and introductory practice in the workplace and organizations”was held. The event was attended by Deputy Director of the practice Iskendirova K. K., head of the practice Beisenova J.D.
As guests of the “Round table” were invited students of group 2 ” UIA-13 “(2nd year) specialty”Accounting and Audit”. Students of group 3 “UIA-12” specialty 0518000 “Accounting and Audit” shared their impressions about their first practice.
Goals and objectives of the Round table: the Acquisition of practical experience and the ability of students to apply their knowledge in practice.
1.To determine the value of practical training. 2.To form a common opinion of the whole group, based on the following questions
3. Give arguments proving the accuracy of the final opinion of the whole group.
During the” Round table “there was a discussion about the practical training, where the group 3″ UIA-12 ” shared their experience in practical training, as well as answered questions such as: the First impression of the practice, the difficulties of passing, what work was performed and much more. Actively answered questions of invited guests-students of the 2nd course on the work during the practice. Shared tips on practical training.
In the final part of the event, the group 3 “UIA-12” made conclusions, gave answers to the tasks of the “Round table”.
Spoke on the results of the practice and execute the following: Juran Elena; Mehonoshina Svetlana; Natalya Sergeeva; Radyuk Elena; Rakhmetova Raushan; Kimash Irina; Malshan Tolegen; Guidimenko Irina; Ksenia Nudnaya.
Suggestions and recommendations of students:
When passing the production practice it is desirable that the student had practice on specialized tables (material, settlement, etc.).)