Holiday of languages of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On September 22, on the eve of the holiday of languages of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an open meeting” til-the soul of the nation “was held in the institution” Kostanay humanitarian College”, organized by the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature Mukasheva Gulden Zhumagalievna. This open meeting was attended by students of the 1st-4th year of the Russian-Kazakh groups of the 1st shift of the college, as well as students of the 2nd-3rd year of the 2nd shift. The purpose of this event was to explain the power of the red language,the spiritual source of the people-the powerful Power, Essence, degree, wealth of the artistic word, raise the intellectual level of students, increase the level of knowledge, improve the language richness, speech skills in expressing their thoughts. Education of the future young generation to love the motherland, respect the symbols of our country, love for their native country, land, language, history.

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