The main wealth of Kazakhstan is our citizens.

Today, on October 7, 2022, the Kostanay Humanitarian College hosted a meeting of students of 3-4 courses with the famous teacher, excellent student of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, poet and novelist of Kostanay, laureate and winner of many regional and international literary and poetic competitions Alexandra Ilyinichnaya Suslova. The meeting was devoted to the discussion of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Constructive public dialogue is the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan”.
In her speech, Alexandra Ilyinichna stressed that the Message reflects all the key issues of the development of society: The measures to improve the quality of life of Kazakhstanis, education, healthcare, economic development in the post-pandemic period and the protection of human rights are indicated. At the meeting, all areas touched upon in the President’s Address were discussed.
In addition, during the meeting, addressing all students, Alexandra Ilyinichna spoke about the upcoming presidential elections of the Republic of Kazakhstan, that every citizen who has reached the age of majority should come to the polls and exercise his right.

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