Knowledge Day

On September 1, a solemn line dedicated to the Day of Knowledge was held at the Kostanay Humanitarian College Institution. Knowledge Day is an important day for all college students, but it is special for first–year students, since it is today that a new, responsible, one might say, full of joys and discoveries time begins for them.
At the lineup, the director of the college Aitmagambetov E.Zh congratulated those present on the holiday and wished the students success in gaining knowledge, new achievements and aspirations to be worthy citizens of their country.
At the end of the line, the college held curatorial hours on the topic: “The pursuit of knowledge, hard work and patriotism.”
This academic year, a lot of talented, gifted students, athletes and activists have entered our college. Which, we are sure, will be a worthy replacement for senior students, and will glorify our college!

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